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DIY room air freshener

What you need: A container. Baking soda. Essential oil. Foil (or a lid you want to ruin and poke holes in). Pour baking soda into container, about full. Pour in drops of essential oils. Put foil (or lid) with holes on top. Shake it a little to refresh it.

How to: Stop Pet Accidents!

Here's the pin with the actual mixture measurements...Treat Puppy's favorite indoor potty spots & stop future accidents: 2 C water, 1 T eycalyptus or cinnamon essential oil, 1 T cayenne pepper. Clean the area w/non-amonia product. Spray mixture onto the spot. Make sure to respray the area every 24 hours until the dog completely loses interest in that area.

14 bleach-free surface disinfectants - homemade. These not only fight germs and bacteria, but also smell a lots fresher too.

28 DIY Gifts For Your Girlfriend

How To Make Quick And Easy Awesome Gifts For Your Girlfriend | DIY Projects & Ideas For Her By DIY Ready.

How To Make Your Own Dish Soap

Yesterday I got an email from someone asking about a Homemade Dish Soap recipe. My initial reaction was “I’ve already done that!”, but then I thought about it for a minute and realized that is something I HAVEN’T done a post on before! I could hardly believe it. lol. How could I have missed THAT …