splatter nail polish!!

Splatter Nails!

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Pastel mani


More splatter nails...these are more Jackson Pollock than Monet.

Enamel Girl: Nail of the Day: Tape Mani #nails

Paint Splatter

Splatter paint nails<3

Directions: 1. White Base Color 2. Place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail. 3. Spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick. 4. Apply topcoat. 5. Voila! Will so have to try!

Sponge Mani using eyeshadow sponge brush

i really really want this done!

Neon splatter nails #trytthisnail Nails CLICK.TO.SEE.MORE.eldressico.com


love the neon on black

love the colors

galaxy nails

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