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HOW CUTE IS THIS?!<3 Also, can we take a moment and appreciate each of their faces? I'm digging Zayn's in particular.

if i hear you talk about my boys whether good or bad i will pipe in. I don´t care if i don´t know you or if you hate me or i don´t like you. If you have something to say about my boys say it to my face or don´t say it all. I will stand up for them. Because that´s what families do. And these boys. These boys right here. Are my family.

Story of my Life!!! I LOVE this music video sooooo much!!!! It's so cute!!!!!! And OMG I almost cried at Louis' part because it was so sad when he was just looking around for his other set of grandparents but I still love it!!!!! BEST VIDEO EVER!!!! WELL DONE BOYS!!!