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  • Emily Kirchhofer

    How to write a Nicholas Sparks movie. So true...>/

  • Rebecca Espinoza

    I loved The Notebook movie, but I HATE Nicholas Sparks books, terrible!! This is so true!

  • Morgan Birks

    How To Write A Nicholas Sparks Movie. Or pretty much any other chick flick :)

  • Kirsten Lueder

    Still can't believe The Vow was based on a true story and not a Nicholas Sparks book...

  • Tricia Sadler

    So true!! i hate nicholas sparks books and movies. Life is sad and hard enough without over dramamtizing and charging people for it. Besides who wants to bawl like a big blubbering baby in public, or on a date, in a theater?!?!? dumbass Sparks, that's who!

  • Rachelle Parises

    A Nicholas Sparks Movie. My favorite is the poster designer.

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