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Peace Lou

Reed 1942

1942 2013

Lou Reed

Rest In Peace

Do Do

Crochet Hacks

Piece Today


Doo do doo do doo do do doo … Lou Reed 1942-2013. May he rest in peace and love. Thanks to Olek for sharing this piece today.

Crazy Fun Crochet

Crochet For

Bombingguerilla Knitting

Gun Girl

Crocheted Guns

Gun Store

String Projects

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2011 Gun Store

Crocheting Underwater

Underwater Crochet

Olek Underwater

Underwater Sculpture

Inspiring Underwater

Underwater Images

Underwater Giant

Beautiful Underwater

Timebomb Olek

Olek’s “Time Bomb” -- Olek is making waves w/ her latest eco-installation ... what do you think? #yarnbomb #crochet

Loopy Jess

Jessica Felton

Grim Reaper

Crochet Hacks




Made and shared by Jessica Felton, aka loopy jess.

Krause Gallery

Crocheted Balloon

Funny Strange


Fun Funny


Crochet Hacks



Finn at Olek’s Crocheted Balloon Funhouse at the Krause Gallery

Danielle Holke

Danielle Lampert

Food Play

Toy Food

Crochet Foody

Food Crochet

Crocheted Foods

Crocheted Cuties

Crochet Hut

New! "amigurumi bagel with cream cheese and salmon" made and shared by Ohioja. #KnitHacker #amigurumi #crochet

Infant Adult

Sizes Infant

Infant Baby

Infant Heart

Heart Baby

Mine Pattern

Heart Pattern

Pattern Baby

Pattern Going

linked heart hat

Picture Amigurumi

Idea Amigurumi

Kawaii Amigurumi

Crafts Amigurumi

Amigurumi Elena

Adorable Amigurumi

Amigurumi Stuffed

Amigurumi Corner

Yellow Tree

treeee! by erinn simon aka urban farmgirl



Crochet Hacks



mister spring for hope and courage!

Crochet Scarf With Buttons

Crochet Scarfs Mittens

Cupcake Scarf Crochet

Dalek Crochet

Chan'S Crochet

Crochet Scarf For Men

Candy Crochet

Cupcake Hat

Crochet Shrugs

Candy Button Scarf

Wintery Tree

Tree Winter

Winter Snow

Winter Forest

Winter Pine

Winter Green

Winter Cozy

Winter Magic

Winter Mist

The BEFORE picture is beautiful too.... Just the way it was created! #Christmas #Tree BEFORE THE BALL. Sorry... pun intended! #DianaDee:) - - This would be interesting for YOU to PIN right beside a well-decorated #Holiday tree with bright colorful balls & lights. Photo pinned via Michelle McClary's #Winter #Wonderland #Pinterest board.

Snowflake Runner

Snowflake Table

Diy Snowflakes

Fabric Snowflake

Decorating With Paper Snowflakes

Kids Snowflake

Snowflake Decorations

Snowflake Patterns

Party Decorations

a snowflake table runner is my fave

walk in love.from walk in love.

Inspirational Wrapping Paper

Marker Wrapping

Drawn Wrapping

Buying Wrapping

Diy Wrapping

Shopping Wrapping

Paper Christmas

Christmas Presents

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wedding

DIY Inspirational Wrapping Paper by walkinlove #DIY #Wrapping_Paper

Etsyfrom Etsy

The Knitting Girl - Print

Knitting Girl

Crocheting Knitting Craft

Pretty Knitting

Knitting Totally

Knitting Icon

Knitting Children

Knit Art

Knit Knit

Knit Diy

The Knitting Girl = so adorable!

Papercutting Papercraft

Papercut Backdrop

Paper Backdrop

Elaborate Papercut

Brazilian Artist


Papercut Pieces

Stunning Papercraft

Beautiful Papercutting

Analu Prestes


Real life Monopoly…

Monopoly Game

Sized Monopoly

Giant Monopoly

Monopoly Funny

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Stuff

Giant Games


Game Night

This is awesome!

Business Insiderfrom Business Insider

The Happiest States In America

States Poor

Happy States

States Guess

Happiest States

States Time

States Well

States 2013

U.S. States

States Lisa

The Happiest States in America by Gallup via businessinsider #Infographic #Happiest_States