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Subversive Cross-stitching! What a lady-like way to express discontent!!

Short article by Holly Pervocracy about female horniness. I love love love her blog. It's what got me into feminism. She is funny and very well written. Not safe for work sometimes, but always worth a read. :D #feminism #sexpositive #equality

No. But it gets retarded when you say it over and over and over and over. And learn what a Vulva is. Your cooch is not a vagina. It's a VULVA. You can't "shave" a vagina! Do some basic Googling. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Here's another super cute toy midwifery tools set!! :) My nieces are gonna have some fun new toys when I get home and start sewing!! :)

Love your lopsided labia, saggy boobs, and anything that can perceived as an imperfection. Porn, pop culture and the media has plastered images of 'perfection'. there is no 'right' or 'normal' body. Love every little bit of yourself.

This new 2-disc edition is packed with information for the student midwife. A combination of live workshops and demonstrations help you prepare for clinical site training and experience. The set includes detailed instructions for many emergencies, such as postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia and shock. You'll also be shown how to set up and put away equipment and you'll be able to watch roleplay of various scenarios such as waterbirth procedures and neonatal resuscitation.

To quote Jessica, “Vagina Union FTW.” via @feministing

I will say this to a baby-sitter one day and see if they get it. The one who does has a full-time job.

Childbirth Education Teaching Aids + Breastfeeding Essentials + Midwifery Supplies

i would love this necklace, but i still would rather a tattoo to celebrate passing my boards. :)

"Latex Vaginal Cast Art brought to you by the same guy who made The Great Wall of Vagina" (which should have really been called the Great Wall of Vulvas, but I still love it)