• danielle holke (knithacker)

    "T-spot's cassette tape dress" - great story here, hope you'll check it out. #crochet #cassette #knithacker

  • Bonnie Hayes

    Crochet casette tapes. I guess you can wear anything

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This dress that I made out of duct tape and VHS film. This project helped make me more confident in majoring in fashion design.

If I wouldn't look like a creepy old lady with a strange "likes to be strangled by jungle vines" fetish I would totally wear this. Everywhere.

white crochet lace - No pattern, but I so wish I was at this standard, Will have to try the flowers and take it from there - Lynne xx

Oooooh brill! I can crochet around my old glad jam jars I recycle after using them and make these. How fun :D

sculptural crochet by cornflowerbluestudio, via Flickr

Soften scratchy yarn. To do with my Red Heart yarn. Hope this works for real!