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Sophie Digard Scarf @ Onabee by sewhum, via Flickr

Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body

Katie says she was "inspired by the latest Tumblr craze ..." Thanks for the submission Katie!

Electron mircrograph of an influenza virus particle, or virion

craft mob... by Frog Stomp, via Flickr. Love the messy edges! Looks like it was bombed in a hurry.

you can find this pattern on Ravelry It's a multi colored version, this is possibly more stunning...these are woven knitted strands

handmade by marutska 169 One is 55x55cm and the other is 70x70cm!

Tiny #knit hat yarn bombing on a car. This is one of the coolest yarn bombings I've ever seen!

Ravelry: Sheer Bathroom Set: Café-curtain Panels pattern by Annie Modesitt

A scarf from Etsy but I rather thought that this stockinette pattern with an 8 stitch cable (4x4) running through the garter stitch edging would make a really lovely throw ~ knit it up quickly in a cosy 10 or chunky 12ply.