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Felt 'hill' and tree with leaves .... and a felted tiny dog having a tiddle against the tree!! LOVE IT! Tickled the heck out of me.

so pretty - I've got some old vases I could cover

Beautiful. But pricey. Although I'm sure I could try to spin something similar. Shut up logic. I just want pretties.

felt robin tutorial for week three of advent make a different bird each year They will naturally learn the names of the local birds

more of my work discovered on Pinterest :-) 09 Prudence Freeform Bullions by freeform by prudence, via Flickr

I love the wreath but don't have the patience to make it myself.

The Trouble with Crafting: Finishing a Hoop with Felt

Knitting fair isle with 2 long colorways / Photo # 107 - spit and gum - Inna-Mina