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  • Lady Meadaura

    Micro piglet in sweater vest and socks. Asleep. Cuteness off the scale.

  • Megan Dare

    You cant be stylish without the right socks... One day, I will have a pet pig.

  • Melanie Bush

    Baby pig in. Sweater nd leg warmers. So cute

  • Jenny Hiebert

    Awe a baby pig with a sweater and socks! So cute!!

  • Pam Landers

    So cute!!!!! Sleeping Mini Pig Wearing a Sweater Vest & Tiny Gripper Socks

  • Dee Ann Patterson

    Sleeping Mini Pig Wearing a Sweater Vest & Tiny Gripper Socks @Kayla Barkett Barkett Shinofield mini teacup pig!

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