Star Wars saga re-told over 30-foot cross-stitch canvas ... #crossstitch #starwars

It's a Star Wars after all.

SO FUN! Marionette AT-ST from Star Wars Free Printable

Star Wars chairs lawn chairs, would have to make an R2D2, a C3P0, Chewie, and probably a few others to make it a full set.

R2 and BB-8

Cross Stitch

very cool

First 35 Years of STAR WARS [Infographic] | GeekTyrant #starwars

What?! Star Wars cross stitch....LOL - know a few family members who'd appreciate this :D

Star Wars cross stitch

That Snow Moon by Drew Wise - Star Wars

Star Wars cross stitch pattern by hardcorestitchcorps

20 Coolest Star Wars x Disney Mash-Ups (Photos)

Adorable this is!

Star Wars Villainy Sampler Pattern

DIY silhouette gift-wrapping for the Star Wars fan from

Make Your Own Star Wars Snowflakes!

Samurai star wars-epic

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Bookcase

cross stitch