Tundra Street Art...srsly....1 overturned mini-van + 2 trucks + lots of scrap metal became a robot built by transinvest service as a signpost in ukraine


Street art

valentine robot


Robot print.

street art

Artist turns scrap metal from cars into Sci-Fi film stars | Mail Online

Love street Art!

Street Art from Brest, France 000

Penny street art in Amsterdam.

The Robot uprising began a lot earlier than you might think... or they stole a time machine. (Goes to check on his time machine.)

street graffiti

What the what? Just a mech by *ProgV on deviantART

Street art...street music


Street art

Street art....Bunt by drratomir on fotowelt.chip.de

Street art

= = =

I would like to do this to people's cars in parking lots.