"Sashiko cloth of 200" at the store Obihiro Juergen Rail: 2012.12.8-16

Modern sashiko style

Freehand quilting. I like this idea much better than trying to measure precisely! I'm bad with math.

#Embroidery meets weaving = darning. But if you don't have a hole to mend, it's a decorative technique. #craft #needleart


Learn to create beautiful FMQ Spirals with this tutorial, by Sarah Vedeler. !Insights From SewCalGal: 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge - November Tutorial, by Sarah Vedeler

Lovely Stitch Sampler - sashiko


Embroidered Mandala Sampler - creative stitching

Sashiko is often referred to as Japanese embroidery.  Literally, it means 'little stab'.  The beauty of sashiko is in its simplicity.  Sashiko is worked with a

Million Little Stitches

Red Stitches

sashiko boro

stitched circles


Colourful sashiko

cross stitch

Sashiko stitching on Japanese travel vest - Stuff You Can't Have: Extreme Mending (Uber Boro)


Sashiko Cafe Apron Cloth #apron #beginner #embroidery #emma-creation #japan #kit #navy #sashiko #sashiko-kit

threads and fabrics