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aww puppy :)

is the puppy wearing a bowtie? i want a bowtie wearing puppy that looks like this!

not all animals hate bath time 15 pics 1 video 13

look how adorable. a shower cap! bath tub pups funny 21 Funny dogs enjoying in bath tub

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Dogs transform into another species during bath time (when dry, sweet, fluffy Gizmo; when wet, the reptilian, havoc-wreaking Gremlins). See photos of dogs before and after bath time.

whats cuter than a pig in hunter green rain boots?

Yes, it's a baby pig wearing boots. The boots provide two functions: they make the pig look unbearably adorable and allow her to trod in the mud without fear, a big deal since she has mysophobia—a fear of dirt.

Conoce a Monte. | Community Post: Monte el maltés es el cachorro más lindo que alguna vez conocerás

Conoce a Monte.

Meet Monte Monte The Maltese Is The Cutest Puppy You'll Ever Meet! I want to cuddle with him so much, right now.