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1990's McDonald's We spent lots of time and money at McDonalds when they were little

1990's fashion. Oh how I miss my overalls.

My very first school field trip was to a Taco Bell just like this in first grade. I remember I got the Bellburger (taco meat & grated cheese on a hamburger bun.)

1962 First Taco Bells open in Los Angeles.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kentucky

The first McDonald's in Russia, circa 1990. / El primer McDonald's en Rusia, allá por 1990.

This stamp is one of five lighthouses stamps issued in 1990.

The year was 1990. It would be an epic time for the children and husbands whose mothers shopped at J.C. Penney. For within these pages, the makings of future embarrassing photos could be found. | The 22 Most Embarrassing Pages Of The 1990 J.C. Penney Christmas Catalog

1990's grunge style dress £20