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Why do people enjoy detective stories like Sherlock Holmes?  -because of the twist -because the criminal turns out to be somebody unexpected  -stimulates the mind trying to figure out what will happen  -makes the audience think from different angles -Good vs. evil  -suspense  -there is always a journey -backstory of individuals.

Dream aquarium the best screensaver full edition

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How to Write a Sincere First Draft of Your Science Fiction or Fantasy Epic

Speed (Spicy) Detective #1 1943 January

Speed (Spicy) Detective #1 1943 January

Killers Hate to Die

Private Detective Stories Includes Lethal Legacy by E. Hoffmann Price as by Hamlin Daly


"Keep your hands where I can see them," she told him." "I-I surrender, miss," Larry said, "I can explain everything - honest!

Detective Fiction Weekly, September 21, 1940

Detective Fiction, September 1940 Cover art: Emmett Watson Source: Today’s Inspiration

Spicy Detective Stories

The Geeky Nerfherder: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Cover Art: Allen Anderson

The Complete Cases of the Rambler, Volume 1

seattlemysterybooks: September BOSTON, MA—Altus Press today announced an all-new line to their stable of quality pulp fiction reprints. Called The Dime Detective Library, each volume will showcase one of the many hard-boiled characters that ran

Vintage Detective Fiction Weekly Magazine

To kick off our nine day extravaganza celebrating slick-tongued reporter Daffy Dill, here's a never-reprinted adventure from the Septemb.