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I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios.

Yes that’s right, vegan, healthy, raw, antioxidant rich CHOCOLATE (that still tastes decadent). Is it normal (read: healthy) to be in love with a food so much? Let’s not answer that ;) I seriously can’t believe I haven’t been making … Continue reading →

Every woman does this upon seeing a group picture for first time: make sure that you look perfect, then quickly glance at others in the pic to make sure it's a decent enough shot of everyone else to post or put on display in your home :-)

Part wolf tee

I love witty t shirts. I come from a Navy family - which means yes, I do curse like a sailor!

Your apparent hatred towards me makes me smile from the inside out. If you weren't so busy getting worked-up by my mere presence, you might notice my laughter!