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PMR is very powerful as it gives kids control over their body. Most kids get lost in the power of their emotional responses. They don't know how to release it from their body or how to return to a calm state. PMR gives kids a very concrete skill to relax and calm their body.

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New Product :: Spring Holiday Social Emotional Activity Pack

Positive Self-Esteem Worksheets | self esteem flower worksheet leprechaun problem solving worksheet i ve ...

Square Breathing visual...will make this into an experiential activity...and make it FUN, so it's ez to remember! (going to use this in group)

Emotions in Our Bodies Activity: Emotions in Our Bodies Activity: This interventions works best with clients who are experiencing somatic symptoms due to intense emotions that they are denying or holding in (ex.a boy who says his father’s death doesnt bother him who gets stomach aches). Make sure you have established a relationship with the client and you feel this activity is clinically indicated before attempting.

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How I Taught Mindfulness To Children

Mindfulness techniques that might be helpful- would have to direct kids to focus on the correct stimuli during scary procedures but the sensory focuses are great.

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Free Anger and Feelings Worksheets for Kids

Anger Map, Great for Anger Management!

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Playful Activities to Help Kids Learn about Feelings

"mind-body" feelings worksheet

Comorbidity. - Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder -

The Creative School Counselors: the mask activity - how I see myself on the inside and how others see me on the outside