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  • SLeigh Hamilton

    Leftover Pie Crust Cookies LOVED eating pie dough trimmings when I was a kid and the baked bits too :)

  • jen + nifer

    Leftover Pie Crust Cookies- Pie crust scraps + 1 lg egg + 1 tbspn water + sugar and/or cinnamon for sprinkling : Preheat oven 375F, line sheet pan with parchment paper; gather leftover pie scraps into a ball; on a lightly floured surface, roll dough to aprx 1/4 inch thick, cut into desired shapes & place on prepared sheet, whisk together egg & water, brush on top of dough shapes & sprinkle cinnamon/sugar; Bake til' golden brown, 10-12 mins. Store in airtight container up to several days.

  • Paper Planes

    Pie Crust Cookies Recipe

  • Red House

    leftover pie dough recipes

  • Heather J

    Leftover Pie Crust Cookies (+ 25 Pie Recipes)

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