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16 Delicious Yogurt Topping Combos

16 Creative Ideas For Healthy Yogurt Toppings

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Date Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Bowls

Date Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Bowls: Steel-cut oatmeal slow-simmered with cinnamon and vanilla and topped with two perfect cinnamon roll toppings. Instead of just brown sugar though, I like to use dates! // @Macheesmo

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Pecan Coconut Banana Bread

Pecan Coconut Banana Bread Recipe with a streusel topping! If you're looking for the perfect banana bread recipe, this is it!

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Apple, Pear, and Almond Baked Oatmeal

This Amish style Baked Oatmeal is topped with apples, pears, and almonds for a hearty breakfast treat. // @neighborfood

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Oatmeal Brulee

Vanilla Oatmeal Brûlée topped with a brown sugar caramelized crust makes this a delicious gluten free brunch entree. Top with a splash of cream, fruits, nuts or shredded coconut for additional flavor! // @TheFoodieAffair

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Cinnamon Blackberry Crisp

Blackberry Oatmeal Crisp by wholeyum: This classic summer blackberry crisp is topped with a toasty oatmeal crumble and loaded with brown sugar and cinnamon to tame the tangy berries. Best served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. #Crisp #Blackberry #Oatmeal

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Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at

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Savory Steel Cut Oatmeal

Learn how to make savory steel cut oatmeal here, and find ideas for mix-ins and toppings! Savory oats are a great clean-out-the-produce-drawer recipe. // @CookieandKate

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Banana Pecan Pancakes with Homemade Butter Syrup #pancakes #breakfast

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Oatmeal Flax Blueberry Muffins

Top 10 Protein Foods List - Know the Best Protein-Rich Foods You Should Eat By Faviano Torres Protein is essential in building muscles, restoring and replacing tissues, and maintaining a healthy immune and hormonal system. For people who are physically active, more protein is needed in their diets. The following list contains the top foods that are the best sources of protein. Protein-rich foods for vegetarian athletes: 1. Cowpeas and leafy tips that are cooked and drained (may be added with salt) 2. Raw and fresh egg whites 3. Cheeses such as cottage cheese, non-creamed cheese, dry cheese, and non-fat cheese 4. Dried seaweed and spirulina 5. Extra-Firm or Silken-Lite Mori-Nu Tofu 6. Soy sauce from tamari 7. Low-fat, 1% milk-fat cottage cheese 8. Lite-Firm Mori-Nu Tofu 9. Raw pumpkin leaves 10. Nuts and seeds such as cashew nuts, walnuts, and almonds The following are the top 10 animal-based and plant-based protein foods: 1. Red meat such as beef, pork, and liver 2. White meat such as chicken and fish 3. Eggs and dairy products such as: a. Hard cheeses including Parmesan b. Soft cheeses such as Mozzarella, Brie, and Camembert c. Medium cheeses such as cheddar and Swiss d. Yogurt e. Cottage cheese f. Milk g. Eggs 4. Legumes - These are edible dried beans (seedpods) such as chickpeas, flagelot beans, kidney beans, split beans, haricot beans, and lentils. They are rich sources of protein. 5. Nuts and seeds - Over the years, nuts and seeds have been among the best sources of protein. Examples of nuts are almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, and walnuts. These can be served chopped, raw, or roasted. 6. Cereals and food grains - Eating protein-rich cooked grains promotes muscle building. 7. Algae - A type of seaweed, spirulina is among the best protein-rich foods there are. 8. Fruits - With today's technology, fruits can be eaten canned, frozen, or dried. Regardless of how they are prepared, fruits are still nutritious and included in the list of protein-rich foods. 9. Vegetables - Laden with protein, vitamins, and minerals, vegetables are known to be among the best foods for staying healthy. 10. Seitan - Seitan is a meat substitute. It is prepared from whole-wheat flour mixed with sufficient amount of water, kneaded and rinsed in water, expelling starch and bran. The protein is simmered in a soya sauce to become seitan. Seitan broth can be added as flavoring. Now do you want to easily gain muscles and get ripped without drugs, bogus supplements and in less time? Completely opposite methods for all people revealed to gain pure muscles, burn fat, and become a fitness model champ using unusual tricks and techniques. Article Source:

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Double Chocolate Oatmeal

There's chocolate in them thar oats! It's like warm brownie batter, only with protein and fiber - in 10 minutes! Thanks, Pinch of Yum!j

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Perfect Steel-Cut Oats

Learn how to make the most delicious steel-cut oats here! These oats are ready in 35 minutes and reheat beautifully. Find topping suggestions, too. // @CookieandKate

Start Valentine's Day with a healthy and fun breakfast! This Heart Shaped Strawberry Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe with Chocolate Topping is everything you need to get your day off to a LOVEly start. Get the easy and fun breakfast idea on!

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Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

A Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes recipe from @GirlWhoAte that will give everyone a boost of energy for the day!

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24 Delicious Breakfast Bowls That Will Warm You Up

24 Delicious Breakfast Bowls That Will Warm You Up, cinnamon roll oatmeal