Toasted Coconut Amaranth Porridge | Bob's Red Mill & Savory Simple

Everyday Oatmeal with Amaranth, Coconut, and Sautéed Apples | 80twenty - Please consider enjoying some flavorful Peruvian Chocolate. Organic and fair trade certified, it's made where the cacao is grown providing fair paying wages to women. Varieties include: Quinoa, Amaranth, Coconut, Nibs, Coffee, and flavorful dark chocolate. Available on Amazon!

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Orange, Coconut and Vanilla Overnight Oats

Vegan no-bake coconut kefir cheesecake. Kefir is the greatest invention! Coconut and kefir, what more could you need?


grain-free porridge w/ bananas, coconut milk, almond flour, flax meal, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, maple syrup/honey & berries, coconut flakes, nuts, seeds, etc. to top

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Coconut Quinoa Breakfast Bowl by Heather Christo

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This dessert is quick, healthy, and perfect to whip up for dessert for any night of the week or even for larger parties!


Coconut Muffins

Coconut Milk Dairy-Free Yogurt

Coconut Macaroon Pancake Recipe Breakfast and Brunch with coconut milk, honey, whole wheat pastry flour, shredded coconut, fine sea salt, baking powder, large eggs, cane sugar

Coconut Mille Crepes | Lady M Confections Out-of-NYC Shipping--why yes, yes i will take one of these as well.

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