Gluten-Free Scottish Oatcakes Recipe

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original pinner says "Old Fashioned Oatcakes...sort of. A "grab and go" version of your morning oatmeal. This is the best recipe for oatcakes I've ever tried."

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Cream Cheese Pancakes (low carb and gluten free) - - Just made this. I can't seem to get 4 pancakes out of this like it says, just 2. But OH MY GOSH this is delicious! My husband even liked it. It totally satisfied my craving.

Almond cake - gluten free, you can substitute 6 oz. of almond flour in place of pulsing 6 oz. of slivered, blanched almonds.

Grain Free Applesauce Pancakes a high protein breakfast that's gluten free, cassein free and paleo.


Easy crusty gluten-free French bread made in under an hour! It will satisfy your bread cravings and truly hit the spot.

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