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Chicken, Bean, and Cheese Burritos takes only 4 ingredients and cost about $0.43 each. And taste a heck of a lot better then the frozen ones in the store.

No prep canning of dry beans. Pour 1/2 cup of dry beans into your hot pint jars and top off with boiling water to 1 inch headspace, then process.

Avoid the BPA in canned beans by cooking and freezing dried beans in mason jars or freezer bags.

Never buy frozen burritos again! You can make these Bean & Cheese Burritos in less than 15 minutes and they cost less than $0.30 each!

Seasond pinto beans. Made these tonight and drained and mashed them up for refried beans. Make sure to save some liquid to add back in so your refried beans aren't too stiff.

Wish that hubby enjoyed dry beans. I grew up eating them. How to cook dried beans | Simple Bites

Slow Cooker Ham & Beans - Follow #SightApp and save an entire article by 1 screenshot (Check How:

1 cup dried beans & 1 tsp salt in quart jar. Fill with boiling water :) home canning dry beans