Root Vegetable Salad with Couscous and Lemon-Tahini Dressing 2 cups peeled rutabaga, cut in ¼-inch cubes 2 cups peeled parsnips, cut in ¼-inch cubes 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon honey Pinch each salt, pepper 1 cup pearl couscous 1¼ cup water 2 cups packed baby spinach 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds 1 ounce goat cheese, crumbled Dressing 2 tablespoons tahini 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 teaspoon honey Pinch each salt, pepper

Black Bean and Couscous Salad: another favorite salad of mine. Substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth and it's vegan-friendly.

Healthy Brown Fried Rice with Chicken and Vegetables

Ingredients1� to 2 cups Israeli couscous $1.472 medium cucumbers $1.50� bunch parsley $0.201 medium lemon $0.492 Tbsp olive oil $0.32� tsp garlic powder $0.02� tsp salt $0.02freshly cracked pepper to taste $0.053 oz. crumbled feta cheese $1.30 Check this out at

Couscous Salad with Cucumber, Red Onion, & Herbs

Israeli Couscous Salad with Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables - a delicious and healthy salad! | Organize your favourite recipes on your iPhone or iPad with @RecipeTin! Find out more here: #recipes #vegan

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Roasted Root Vegetables - The most delicious way to prepare these vegetables!

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Autumn Couscous Salad

Chickpea Salad...used 1 cup each cherry tomatoes and cucumber no vinegar or mustard or pepper over couscous and quinoa and it was so good! My husband loved it!

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Israeli Couscous Salad with Summer Vegetables - Green Valley Kitchen

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Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Chickpeas, Kale, and Pearl Couscous Recipe

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