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The longer you look at him the funnier it is. @Lisa Farrow this is how I feel when you bring cupcakes!!!

DIY Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

"Hey, Hey, Hey, do you think that I could go with my monkey friend (a couple of pics below me) to have MY eyebrows plucked, get a good face shave, and a REALLY good dentist to whiten my teeth?" I think you are adorable just the way you are!!!

61 Images Of Animals That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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The 15 Most Spectacular Hummingbirds!

Fiery-throated Hummingbird - There are about 338 different species of hummingbirds. There are few other birds that rival the spectacular iridescence of the Fiery-throated Hummingbird. Found only in the cloud forest of Costa Rica and western Panama.

The most adorable invasion in history: "The seal came from a bay, went through a residential area, across roads, under a gate, through a cat door, up some stairs, and onto a couch where it cuddled up and tried to sleep. "I thought 'I'm hallucinating, th

The longer you looks... the funnier it gets

Animal photos of the week: 30 January 2015