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I sat in that little spot on the tractor way before they actually made a second seat for other riders. Once or twice I sat on top of my dad's cooler that was sitting on the floor at his feet instead. I'm definitely a farmer's daughter.

deep down in your heart, you aren't country. like for example you say you know country music when really you know like 3 songs. you aren't country honey

Polyvorefrom Polyvore

Country Girl Problem #1

"Country Girl Problem #1"

finishing up night chores and heading over to the arena with friends for the tractor pull and demo derby this makes me miss summer !

I couldn't emphasize the truthfulness enough hahahaha. I swear I've gotten whiplash lookin at a truck before<<<< lol me too!!

I could care less about the mall. Take me to basspro shop, tractor supply, southern states