Instruments from Inside - Berlin Philharmonic print campaign

inside a violin

Açık Radyo: Music of the People

NYC to Sydney. Brilliant

Its a good idea to have the subject look like its creating the entire shadow when its not.The photo wouldnt look good in colour because its suppost to be a miserable day so it makes sense to drain all the colour from itmake it blackwhite to have the best effect!This photo has been composed cleverly because it gets the audience thinking how the photographer got the shoes to fit the shadow perfectly.The photo is highlighted at the top making the rest of it dark so the shadow blends in well.

firefly movements between the trees and ferns (by kristian cvecek)

Draw More by Felix Hornoiu, via Behance

by Phoebe Rudomino

woooooaaaahhhh :: mind blown ::

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Thomas Barbéy's surreal photo manipulations have been retouched by hand and airbrushed by the artist. Mr. Barbéy has also stuck negatives together and photographed them, among other techniques to create these convincing pieces.

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Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Dew-Soaked Dandelions by Sharon Johnstone

:) I don't know what it is about this but it bring tears.

"Inside Musical Instruments", macro photography taken inside the instruments of the Berlin Philharmonic.

Roma food ad-print by Eos Pan, via Behance

UNDERWATER MANSION - Little Plastic Horses

Light Beams.