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Yellow Dyer Rain Frog discovered in mountains of Western Panama

Dyer rain frog, a new species from Panama that dyes fingers yellow. The frog belongs to a species-rich group of frogs, the so called rainfrogs that lack a tadpole stage, but develop directly as little frogs inside the egg.

PANAMANIAN GOLDEN FROG (Atelopus zeteki)  - ©Paul Crump The Panamanian golden frog is a critically endangered frog which is endemic to Panama. It has been considered a subspecies of A. varius, but is now generally regarded as a separate species. While the IUCN still lists it as critically endangered,   it may have been extinct in the wild since 2007. Individuals have been collected for breeding in captivity in a bid to preserve the species. Although known as a frog, the golden frog, despite…

The Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki) is a rare species of toad to…

No hay traje más bello que el de mi pollera panameña!! Panama  VisitPanama

No hay traje más bello que el de mi pollera panameña!! Panama VisitPanama

Lacul Gatun, Canalul Panama

Lacul Gatun, Canalul Panama

extraño a mi panama - Panamá La Vieja

From our supplement Charterfleet International Sure, you've cruised under the Bridge of the Americas, but have you explored Panama City, San Blas or the Pearl Islands? Come experience more than a modern marvel.

Bocas del Toro beach, Isla Colon, (Caribbean), Panama.  Photo: John Mitchell

Bocas Del Toro Beach Panama by John Mitchell

Puente de las Americas

Puente de las Americas