• Wendy Peters

    My kids don't want to talk to me till I get on the phone.

  • Jessica Marchese

    so funny but so true at my house

  • Meg Meeker MD

    Moms -- what is it about a phone call that cues the kids to lose it??? // Let's not bother mommy right now; she's on the phone," said no child ever.

  • Kim Shropshire

    So true...lol my daughters house

  • Melyssa Orme

    It's more like "Mom is on the phone, lets play 20 questions, and ask her if I can do all the things she said no about 2 minutes ago." said ALL of my children.

  • PrettyTXLady

    My kids "Hurry we better tell Mommy now she just got on the phone!!"STORY OF MY LIFE!!!

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