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    Where are your tax returns Mitt Romney?

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    This is just brilliant! Such a great way to explain privilege and success amongst many other social issues that stem from being born into a particular social 'class'.

    Walmart and taxes

    It's easier to buy a gun than my education

    Education values in America.

    Freedom=Education= Knowledge!! Pres.Obama wants 2 yrs.FREE College. REPUBLICANS DO NOT!!

    The education of the nation’s children shapes the nation’s future. Want education to be a priority issue of this campaign? Learn more at

    In Finland there a different education system that the kids enjoy more. The kids seem to be happier and therefore they enjoy school has become more productive. Their school system has more recess time no homework and other advantages could the no homework be directly related to the fact that their grades are way better. Should America follow Finland's school system, would it work here too?

    Truth be told... Senate Republicans sided last week with 22,000 millionaires over 40 million Americans with student debt by blocking the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act. Refinancing student loans is common sense. Homeowners, businesses and even local governments are able to refinance their debts, yet graduates are being penalized for simply getting an education and a fighting chance at entering the middle class. There is no economic argument against the bill, either. Refinancing would help stimul

    Citizen Tax Burden vs. Corporate Tax Payout - Some Perspective on the unfairness of it all.

    Flip flops Romney has shown JUST on educational viewpoints.

    Empower the Future. Empower Women--great video

    Pay your taxes!

    Lizzie Velasquez is a role model… and a definition of beauty ♥

    (2012-11) Secularism ~ “secular” simply means that something doesn’t have anything to do with religion (...) when we talk about “secularism” as a social movement, we’re talking about working to keep faith-based ideas, superstition and religious ideology out of public life. (...) secularists want public policy to be based on facts, science and reason.