I ruined a friends couch once...Don't cry over spilled nail polish. how to get nail polish out of clothes, carpets etc. I will be glad that I pinned this one day.

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Super mom pin! How to remove permanent marker from everything! Clothes –hand sanitizer. Walls –toothpaste or hairspray. Carpet –white vinegar ....... and the list goes on!

How to remove Gel Nail Polish. I love that it stays perfect for weeks, but its such a pain to remove!!

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Perfect Polish Every Time.... Put some lotion onto a Q-Tip - Wipe it around your nail, being careful to not get it ON your nail. The polish won't stick to wherever the lotion is - Use the cuticle stick to wipe away the extra. That's all it takes! Plus, after your polish is dry rub in the lotion and it helps those dry cuticles!

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You may think spilling nail polish on your couch or your favorite shirt means you have to live with a permanent colorful stain, but nail polish is actually one of the easier stains to remove from fabric. Read on for information on how to...

How To Make Your Own Nail Polish Use a butter knife to scrape eyeshadow out of it’s container (You can use old/cheap eyeshadow) and crush it up on a piece of paper so that it’s in a powder consistency Using a bottle of clear nail polish, roll your paper into the shape of a funnel and add the eyeshadow into the bottle. Use a toothpick to mix up the color into the bottle. Shake until all the powder is evenly distributed.

Your commode will sparkle after using this homemade toilet bowl cleaner. Made with vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, this natural cleaner does all the dirty work.

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I recently had to use this! I got bright red polish on a cream colored cotton shirt. Laid the fabric on a white towel and worked on it with acetone. After gettin most of the stain out, i used alcolhol on it, then rubbed laundry detergent on it and crossed my fingers as i put it in the laundry! It worked!!!

Below I've compiled tips and tricks for how to clean up nail polish on carpet. It is never a happy moment when you spill or drip nail polish onto an area

♥: 5 minute nail polish removal tutorial