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  • Whitney Hall

    Football Garter Toss- great idea! But it would have to be a soccer ball at my wedding...

  • Nicole Papp

    Football Garter Toss Β« Ask the DJ to play the beginning of Monday Night Football theme song. Let the best man hike the ball to the groom, Groom runs the ball down and throws the pass to the groomsman! Fun idea for the boys! Probably would have made the guys want to catch it and not run away from it like they did at my wedding.

  • Beaven Raymond

    make the garter toss more fun for the fellas. Idea for your future wedding! Thought was very cute idea!

  • Andrea Cairo

    Football Garter Toss - If your honey man and the male guests at the wedding are known to love football, why not incorporate the actual football into the garter toss? Have the ball hidden (works best at the DJ stand), and after removing the garter, bring out the football, tease the boys a bit, then slide the garter over the ball and toss. You bet the fellas won’t have their hands in the pockets when the pass is thrown. Photo credit: Gino Creglia #weddings #footballgartertoss #gartertoss #wedding

  • Heather Daniels

    Football Garter Toss- so a good idea for football obsessed grooms

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That's how you do a garter wont drop a football --hahaha @carla demarco maybe the guys won't all put their hands in their pockets at your

The real garter toss haha. This is smart - just tossing the garter always ends in a fail!

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better way to do the garter toss hehe would be cute for a football-loving couple :)

a great way to ensure you get some awesome, personal photos on your wedding day! Dot these cards around the tables for your guests!

This is an awesome idea for an outdoor wedding! Have unmarried guest write their name stick the flag where they think the bouquet or garter will land & then toss it to save ppl from embarrassment!