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My Gun Show :D

Day 30 of 90 Beast Beauties BULK Legs. Okay guys, please hold your laughter! I’m proof that it’s NOT just men that flex their biceps! This is my first ever “flex” photo and I know it won’t be my last. You may see nothing, but what I see is much progress and a bicep emerging!!! Today marks a 30 day milestone, so what better way to mark this day with a pic of my baby guns, hahaha. Sexy sundress arms in the making right here. Can’t wait to do a side by side gun show photo on day 60. ~Tia

Kim Dolan Leto is such an inspiration! She is a mom, over 40 and looks amazing! I love this cover of her....outfit by Affitnity

Goodbye Impurities!

Gotta love a red face. Goodbye impurities! Moving into week 3 of T25. #teamlyb

I was having a conversation with a friend last night and we were talking about age and the concept of running out of time. We know that tomorrow is not guaranteed, but every single day that we are given we have a choice. If I want to be a better version of me than I was 17 years ago, then I will do it! (I'm 17 years older in the top photo) I hope I give you hope. It's never too late! Send me a friend request for more encouragement.

Here is my accountability photo for the day, and serves as a good example of what people post in my virtual Challenge Groups. Basically I was a jumping bean for 30 min. (note the jump rope) What did you do for your body today? Only 4 more days left of this program! Feel free to send me a personal facebook friend request, or click on the picture to like my Team LYB facebook fan page! #teamlyb

The devastating phone call that was my rock bottom! Click the photo to read how I saw beauty in the pain.

Day 17 Beast Beauties. Here is a sneak peak into my week 3. Building beautiful shoulders over here, hahaha! Not only am I feeling stronger, my numbers on paper are proof. Build Shoulders is one of my favorite workouts so far in this program.

It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger. I promise! I push myself everyday to give just a little bit more. Lately, I have been trying to squeak out just a few more reps each time. As you begin to see progress (because you will) you need to adjust. Never be comfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable! This was me doing Ab Intervals that consisted of planks and downward dogs. A total uncomfortable moment!