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Saw this as I was walking out the door this morning. Gorgeous!

I dreamed I had found cicadas on the floor at my parents' house and was trying to get them outside by trapping them in glass bowls -- then I realized that one of them was actually a luna moth emerging from a cocoon. I took it outside and it rested against my neck until it was ready to fly away.

luna moths - always know summer has arrived when you hear these flapping against the windows at night. 

Moon Moth ttps://

Luna Moth -- by ashockenberry.. Used to see these growing up all my life in Coker, Alabama.... It's been years tho....

Luna moth. I will never forget Mom capturing a Luna moth and breaking off the branch where it was laying eggs. She placed it gently into a large cast iron skillet and we watched it together at the kitchen table. One of my most favorite memories ever!

A Chinese variety of luna moth. Luna's are born without mouths; they live off the fat stores they gained while in caterpillar form. These Chinese Lunas only live about 10 days.

How light & soft she dresses for spring, such gauzy raiment softly folded over her lovely shape. Luna. Moth.