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Uprooting Garden Pests

How to Recognize Garden Pests by the Leaf Damage They Leave

In a bucket or pail, mix two cups of cement with 1 cup of water to create a thick paste. spread the cement mixture onto each leaf. Allow the cement to dry then Flip the mold over, and remove each leaf. by Sacagawea

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

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Put Fall Leaves to Work: Gardener's Supply

10 Lawn Care Tips | Lawn Fall Clean-Up | Yard Clean-Up

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Homemade, All-Natural Ways to Fight Aphids

Two Homemade Sprays for Fighting Aphids

Want to grow veggies, but don’t have a sunny enough spot? Worry not, shady-yard gardener, there are several vegetables that don’t require a ton of sunshine to thrive. Some gardeners plant these between their tomatoes or corn, but if you have a spot with four hours of sun (or less) you can successfully grow these kitchen favorites. GREENS: shady gardens will keep these staples from bolting (making flowers and going to seed), so you’ll be able to harvest leaves for salads longer than if ...

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Shade Flowers That Will Make You Forget the Lack of Sun

Spruce up that shady spot in your yard by planting a few of these shade flowers. You can have a low-maintenance flower bed with flowers that require no sun! Plant your favorites including bleeding heart and fuschia.