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    Geometry ideas for modeling with pretzel sticks and marshmallows

    2nd Grade Gallon Man. Too cute!

    My gallon man

    Touchdown Time! Let's Tackle Math! CCSS aligned with 10 math activities- download the preview file for a FREEBIE!

    Middle School Math Madness!

    FREEBIE - Happy New Year Math Games for 2013 by Games 4 Learning! 3 Printable math board games for the new year!

    Gallon Robot to the Rescue is a comprehensive resource of teaching strategies and printables to help your students remember and convert between the customary units of capacity. After creating a Gallon Robot from paper patterns, students will learn the fractional relationships between cups, pints, quarts, and gallons. This ebook also includes cooperative learning activities, center games, and teacher demonstration pages. Complete directions, printables, and answer keys are provided. $

    Laura Candler's Time and Measurement Resources - Free printables and other helpful resources for teaching time and measurement

    Laura Candler's Fraction File Cabinet - Check out the free resources on this page!

    FREE Tangram Polygon Explorations from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources on TpT - includes printable tangram patterns

    Ready to try something new in 2013? This download is a set of math journal problems which are perfect for most third and fourth grade students and provide real-world problem solving practice including fun and exciting, non-traditional math journal problems including word problems, “Mystery Numbers”, “True/False Statements”, and “Tell me what you know about…” problems.

    Metric System / Scientific Measurement Unit Plan of 12 products. A 19 slide powerpoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, 3 labs, a jeopardy review game, 2 daily quizzes, 2 practice problem worksheets, a crossword puzzle and a unit test.

    Fraction Dominoes in color - Fractominoes! 54 cards! $

    Buggy Graphs SMART BOARD Game - Common Core Aligned - Interpret and complete bar graphs and picture graphs in this fun, bug-filled SMART BOARD game. This self-checking Smart Board game is based on the 3rd grade common core standard 3.MD.B.3. $

    Multiplication Candy Arrays SMART BOARD Game - Common Core - Have fun with all sorts of virtual candy while making multiplication arrays and multiplication sentences. This self-checking Smart Board game is based on the 3rd grade common core standards 3.OA.A.1 and 3.OA.A.3. $

    Tips for Teaching with Math Game Freebie from Laura Candler

    Invite your Dads to volunteer for a Super Bowl math centers party! Includes place value, time, money, addition and subtraction, measurement, and the associative property. Also includes an MVP writing activity and "student playbook" folder craftivity. My Dads and my kiddos loved it!

    Rounding up to 6 digits

    Monthly Math Masterpieces~Winter Edition Pack Of Math Puzzles: Color By The Code This pack includes all three of my winter color by the code math sets: December, January and February for a total of 16 printable puzzles! This set was created to save you money!

    Add a little spice into your math centers by incorporating these manipulative math sorts. These sorts are fun, creative, and self-checking!! $

    teaching circumference and area with paper plates

    Multiplication Fact Trick!

    Christmas Math Puzzles FREEBIE by Games 4 Learning contains 2 printable Christmas Math Puzzles