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Story of my life.

My pet peeve is pathetic grammar, spelling, and diction. Don't spell things the way they sound in "your world" please!

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this happens to me when I text my son! It took me so long to finish that text.punctuation and all LOL. When he replied with a K.

I like to stalk my own Pinterest boards to remind myself what awesome taste in life I have.

I like to stalk my own boards to remind myself what awesome taste in life I have.

Bahahahahahahah! http://media-cache9.pinterest.com/upload/180847741256598452_ayR8Rcfl_f.jpg missmarycleary funnies

It's better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho the rest of your life!

my soul mate!!!

This is how I'll know when I've met my soulmate. When they hate people as much as I do it's a match made in heaven

Literally me on a Friday now lol. Im def getting older!

YES! Now that's a wild Friday night! In bed with a nice drink and you laptop, for a night filled with anime, fanfiction, manga's. So wild! :D

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How i feel about some people. From the moment I first saw you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life avoiding you.

Please Kindly Go Away I'm Introverting #quotes #solitude

Funny pictures about Kindly go away. Oh, and cool pics about Kindly go away. Also, Kindly go away.

En un universo paralelo, Lindsay Lohan tiene una vida lejos de los escándalos

This is Lindsay’s fake twin in ‘The Parent Trap’. She’s doing awesome, thank god.