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"Without us you wouldn't have any rights!" "Without you we wouldn't have to fight for them." [follow this link to find an extended preview and brief synopsis of the documentary Miss Representation, which explores the very problematic ways girls and women are represented in popular media:]

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Some Words Are Up To No Good, Even If They Seem Harmless. Think It's Time To Get Rid Of These?

Some words imply a lot more than just an insult. I love this. Too many people don't understand this concept. The other thing is "grow a set". Same concept. Choose better words.

""I don't see race. I'm a good person." Translation: I'm going to use my place of privilege to refute and deny the sufferings of those who do not have white privilege while at the same time erasing their personal and cultural history." #racism #feminism

Drew Gilpin Faust, President, Harvard University at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 in Davos

Amazing how white privilege is so pervasive when original Americans weren't even white.

While other girls are all like "I want a military boyfriend" or "I want a country boy" I'm over here like I want a man who treats me with respect. I couldn't care less about what you do

The Madonna/Whore Complex [click on this image to find a short video and analysis, which takes up recent events surrounding the discourse on slut shaming]

YOU have the opportunity to be on the forefront of change. - So get out there and do it! - Activismo / Activism

Women in film. [click on image for a short clip and analysis of the very different representations of men and women in advertising media]

Brave women have fought for women's equality since 1848. Our right to vote wasn't even won until 1920, and there is so much more. The history of women's rights is long and rich with brave women and important gains. There is still a very long way to go before women are truly equal in this country. Sadly, the 'fight' is far from over.

Lily Myers - "Shrinking Women" (CUPSI 2013) - This is fucking amazing, and should be shared with every woman you know. Go, Lily, Grow!