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We have a new show on the way, and it involves Swaim looking like this. (Makeup by @jaydolfbitler) #StarshipIcarus

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Thanks for helping us win a Webby! Want to help us write our speech? Jump on Twitter and tweet five words to @cracked #5wordspeech.

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"Yes, this is how I talk to my mom about my girlfriend. Get over it." -- Michael Swaim

That's ATB and Soren on our stand-up show at Westside Comedy! They did not vaguely high-five IRL. #UnpopularOpinion

DOB and Katy Stoll as mismatched Jedi. You're welcome:

We added more music to our Cracked #Podcast #Spotify playlist, and that RUN-DMC song is the one John McClane hates in 'Die Hard'!

We knew #AdventuresInJediSchool (premieres January 27th!) needed to be epic, so we even made getting to the shoot location an epic journey. #StarWars #GoPro #Idyllwild

Cyriaque Lamar: "As a promo in the 1970s, Jim Beam sold their horrid whiskey in horrid King Kong shaped bottles. I bought one, because I enjoy stupid things."


Dear 'Tiger Beat' Magazine: Make Me a 6th Grade Heartthrob

soren bowie...yes please! b: