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    Young Teddy Roosevelt, straight from sculling practice at Harvard, IN SHORTS

    Guess who? A young Stalin. Woah.

    The unfinished obelisk is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located in the northern region of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt in Aswan (Assuan), Egypt. Archaeologists claim the pharaoh known as Hatshepsut sanctioned its construction. It is nearly one third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk ever erected. If finished it would have measured around 42 m (approximately 137 feet) and would have weighed nearly 1,200 tons.

    nostalgic texting...back in the day :)

    THIS IS a famous, intensely evocative photo, taken in 1894, of Alexander Graham Bell, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller (seated). Bell introduced Keller to her famous teacher.

    Handsome man who went mad and ended his days in an asylum

    young president obama with his grandpa

    Quentin Roosevelt, youngest son of Theodore Roosevelt, and one of his "White House Gang" playmates, Roswell Pinckney, 1902. Pinckney was the son of a White House steward. The "White House Gang" were known for their mischievous childhood pranks. Quentin Roosevelt later joined the Army Air Service and was killed during combat in WWI.

    Young Eisenhower with his wife Mamie, San Antonio, TX, 1916

    WWI, 1917

    First Most Interesting Man in the World.

    Roosevelt Family in 1903 with Quentin on the left, TR, Ted, Jr., "Archie", Alice, Kermit, Edith, and Ethel

    (Real) Grizzly Adams

    Jim Thorpe. Notice the different socks? Somebody stole his shoes before his race. All he could find were two shoes of different sizes discarded in the trash can. One was too big so he wore extra socks. He ran his race like this, and got an Olympic gold medal, and set a world record.

    Theodore Roosevelt holding grandson Kermit Roosevelt Jr, 1916.

    Annie Oakley

    18 Giant Skeletons And Pyramids Found In Wisconsin

    young Mother Theresa (left), 1920s

    Despite a heart condition and arthritis that forced him to use a cane, Brig. General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. led the assault on Utah Beach, landing with the first wave of troops. He died in France less than a month later of a heart attack.

    Edgar Allan Poe poses with Abraham Lincoln in Mathew Brady’s Washington, D.C. studio- February 4th, 1849.

    Harry Houdini, age 25, 1899. chains and handcuffs...