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    Wait, this charges your phone, not vice-versa, right?

    So this exists.

    We love this rug. We know.

    We'd carry this.

    Wonder how many parsecs it'll knock off the Kessel Run.

    Who's ready to put on their ZOOOP?

    We'd say yes.

    Grandma will love it.

    How could you go wrong with these?

    All of this.

    If you can guess the password, your potatoes cut themselves.

    A little Pi Day jewelry.

    This is exactly what we need for our undersea lair.

    The singularity is closer than we thought.

    Just think--the clasp will always stay where it's supposed to. #Valentines

    Today is a good day to buy. #startrek #klingon

    Perfect for #Valentines. #starwars

    Perfect for the Time Lord in your life. #DrWho

    Conan's tribute to the Skymall catalog (may it rest in peace).

    It's back! | The USB Pet Rock.

    You know what would look brilliant hanging on your wall? The Cracked coat of arms. House of Cracked Framed Art Print | #Dispensary

    This is the droid we're looking for. | The Mary Sue

    Japan is a weird place. | The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World |

    Seems harmless. | The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World |