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    When times are dire, the Incredible Walt uses the power of the blue crystal to transform!

    Because yoga is just one letter away from Yoda.

    We've got some outside-the-box suggestions for presidential candidates.

    Loch NES By Karlangas, today at The Yetee!

    Wonder if they'd work as bowties.

    Need t-shirts that will make you look sophisticated? We've got you. #dispensary

    You need this shirt to celebrate the start of football season.

    It's time to stock up on Cracked shirts, for school. And we've got an offer code to get you there.

    Fun fact: Ouija is French and German for "yeah, right." Get this design on a t-shirt, mug, or whatever, at our Society6 shop.

    Hey, we can get you wardrobed up for school. Use the promo code SCHOOLDROOLS, and get free shipping.

    Christopher Han and Wookiee the Pooh.

    We're having such a sentimental, over this shirt.

    Excellence from the Cracked Dispensary.

    Don't stop!

    This seems like a solid choice for summer.

    Evolution is a beautiful thing. Smash. #CrackedDispensary

    Dear Nasa, Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough. Love, Pluto

    But other than that, I'm totally street. #photoplasty

    Every t-shirt needs a handy translator. #photoplasty

    How long before they start hitting each other with the signs?

    Perfect Star Wars Day purchase: Droids swag, like this tote bag. Visit the Cracked Dispensary to see all the products with this design.

    If everything you know comes from Cracked, you need this hoodie.

    Gumbyjuice Hoody by The Cracked Dispensary | Society6