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    SHORT STORY USING PICTURES~ These individual photos are stills from a youtube video. They show students could tell a short story using only pictures of themselves and the words written on a sign. Set a limit (min/max) and provide structure (personal narrative/summary). What could be more motivating than asking kids to take pictures of themselves?!

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    14 Reasons to Avoid Public... Wow.

    Buy extra stick figures to stick on vans. Is it bad that I find this unbelievably hilarious?

    Too funny

    ALL OF THESE = reasons why I'm not having kids. while cute in small doses they can also be screaming, pooping demon spawn who fuck things up. these pix are excellent birth control.

    awesome inventions!


    The teachers who got the last laugh

    Dad's In Charge, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - 13 Pics

    Hilarious Tea Towel

    pretty hilarious :D

    I lost it when I saw the dog.

    Timing is everything - look at this: Picture, Timing Is Everything, Giggle, Perfect Timing, Funny Stuff, Perfecttiming, Perfectly Timed Photos, Funnie

    Father daughter photos! Omg I'm dying, how precious.

    Ooooo Can't wait til April 1st... so many ideas...


    This is hilarious!!

    love this guy!

    this guy! i love him.

    "Modern Art = I Could Do That + Yeah, But You Didn't" print by Craig Damrauer via 20x200

    OMG. Can't...stop...laughing...