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Wall Handstand Training

Published on March 29, 2022
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Riddle me this:
    When you are not good at them yet you don't do them right and they are hard.
      👉 You therefore need lots of muscle strength which you probably don't have.
        When you are getting better at them they get easier.
          👉 You pushed through the struggle and build the muscles that you don't really need anymore.
            I am obviously talking about handstands training!
              It's funny really. When you first get started your alignment is off, nothing is stacked and everything is exhausting. All the arches and angles place pressure on your not yet trained and prepared joints making you twice as sore as you should be. You spend some month working hard. You get strong, your wrists, shoulders and back get used to the pressure and you can stay up longer.
                Now your form even improves. You start to be better or possibly already well aligned and pressure on your body decreases with every fine tune of your positioning. The built muscles and joint resistance becomes almost expandable.
                  Looking at it that way this could almost be a frustrating journey.
                    Seeing the bigger picture I can tell you it is the journey that needs to be taken. You need this initial struggle to be prepared for the bigger stumbling blocks to come but also to get to know your body upside down. This joint resistance and extra strength is not in one bit excess. In contrary it will protect you from injuries and allow you to safe positions that otherwise would be a definite fall.
                      Today embrasse the hard thing as you know it will prepare you for what's to come. Make life harder than anyone or anything could possibly make life for you and any hornets nest thrown in your way will become nothing but a petting zoo.
                        Enjoy this tedious period of sweat, repetition and possibly even tears.
                          Learn from it. Love it. Overcome it and grow with it.


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