This is such a neat idea for the tree in the backyard. I would make up stories about the little guys that live inside...

Elf house on a tree! That would be cute in the garden, especially in the tree over grown with ivy. How about some battery tea lights in the windows during outdoor parties. I hear the fairies/elves whispering "home school project" in my ear.

This washing powder packaging has been very popular. Now here's the rest of the story PD

This washing powder packaging has been very popular. Now here's the rest of the story PD creative & useful design.

geometric sun

Arise, The Japan Quake Recovery Project. Maria Grønlund, via the designer's Behance page - possible quilt idea

Idea! Zarvos - Architecture Posters | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Very cool series of minimal architecture posters. The use of color is smart, not too overwhelming, and really complements elements of the building's design.

Calendar Planetarium by Emigo

Type Calendar Calendar Planetarium by Emigo via Behance *not accurate to the planets' scale or surface, but still beautiful*

This logo allows the audience to fill in the lines to figure out what it says. The different colors and shapes reflect how life is unpredictable because there's no organized sequence to the shapes or colors. CROPPING, FIGURE AND GROUND

Inflatable sculptures - Max Streicher

Max_Streicher_Inflatable-Sculptures_collabcubed If you made oil like forms "drop" into the air

Unfold on Digital Art Served; 3D Printed Media Installations

Unfold: Preliminary Study Toward Printed Media Installations Digital Sculpture Studies July 2014 - Ongoing

PGIII / Painting with Sound Programming Graphics III: Painting with Sound About this Class : We’ll be working with a great processing library called minim and.

Growth by Begum Ayaskan and Bike Ayaskan

Begum And Bike Ayaskan’s Growth Plant Pot Expands With Its Occupant

Netflix Australia "Spectrum" on Vimeo

Love me some Imaginary Forces. Get transported into another world with Charles Khoury and Tosh Kodama's surreal intro sequence. And discover your shade of story with "Spectrum," Netflix Australia's interactive video.