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I pin!

Some people will watch a movie to unwind. And some of us just go on for 2 hours both. at the same time:-)


Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I feel a spree coming on. Its either a shopping one, or a killing one. The choice is totally up to you.

Lmao!! Hopefully they won't, but...

Funny pictures about To all young girls. Oh, and cool pics about To all young girls. Also, To all young girls.

I bet!

I wonder if heaven is like Target and Starbucks? I believe this is the White Girl's version of Heaven!

Lol! Life advice...

"Advice You'll Never See in Cosmo"- AKA life advice from Megan Price/Melissa McCarthy


more like drive a girl to murder. i can't stand Dane Cook but this is hilarious.


Frame every so-called disaster with these words: in 5 years, will this matter? So important to remember this.

Exactly.... Lol

The saying shouldn't be 'I slept like a baby.' Let's change it to 'I slept like a husband.' Hopefully tonight I can sleep like MY husband!

Gone, but not forgotten...

Do not forget…

So Nerdy. You would not believe the reaction I got from first graders when I pulled out a cassette tape! Not mention the not-so-floppy disk!