Pinar Altunel
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A Fast and Easy Way To Change Purses!

Use a craft store organizer to tidy up purse contents and make it easy to switch between bags - this one from Michael's Try the dollar store too.

Life Hacks You Need To Know | How To Clean With A Swiffer & A Sock By DIY Ready.

10 Minute Cleaning Hacks That Will Keep Your Home Sparkling DIY Projects & Creative Crafts – How To Make Everything Homemade

Bugüne Kadar Bilmediğinize Üzüleceğiniz 10 Pratik Bilgi

If you use grocery bags as trash bags in small garbage bins, attach 2 upside down Command hooks on opposite sites of the trashcan to keep the handles from flying around

Abella's Braids: Help for your Toddler's Hair!

Abella's Braids: Help for your Toddler's Hair! AWESOME for new moms of girls or anyone with a little mini! Easy quick kid hairstyles that are effortless and look adorable! Washing and different styling techniques as well :)