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Best of Pinterest

Best of Pinterest

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These sculptures by Alexis Arnold are completely stunning. They're crystallized books, meant to capture how print is being left behind. If books are going to be sacrificed for art, this is how it should be done (take note, Lauren "Book Destroyer" Conrad).

Artist Turns Old Books into Crystallized Sculptures | The Creators Project

This wonderful, suspenseful, exciting movie is available on Netflix, so you have no excuse not to watch it. The documentary shows the best and worst of humanity battling over resources and a country's future. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat with secret footage of the underside of reckless consumerism - the true cost of our fuel and our stuff - and on the other side, gorilla cuteness and human perseverance.

Virunga (2014) - IMDb

My new favourite painter: Mary Pratt. If you ever have a chance to see her work, I really suggest going, because her paintings actually glow like gems. Or in this case, jam jars in sunlight.

Smears of Jam, Lights of Jelly - Mary Pratt -

Pinterest is often a lot of blind patriotism, and the movie Unbroken fits in with that. But this veteran tells a bigger story of forgiveness and peace: years after his brutal internment, Louis Zamperini returned to Japan to forgive his captors. He even ran the torch in the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

The Defiant Ones

So spot on. Don't you love it when people express your views better than you can yourself? Slam Poetry: "Sons" performed by Terisa Siagatonu & Rudy Fransisco.

The world is a sad place to live in…

Majorly procrastinating? Pinterest is here to help (you procrastinate). This pin understands me completely.

Having seen both Selma and American Sniper, this is clearly the better movie (Rotten Tomatoes agrees). Why it was nominated in more categories the 87th Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Robbed Awards, we'll never know. "What happens when a man stands up... says enough is enough?"

Selma - Christian Movie/Film Martin Luther King - CFDb

The doctor said my case is incurable.

Morning coffee (40 photos)

I was so happy when this came up as Trending on Pinterest. If you haven't seen Nightcrawler, run to your nearest theater. The movie didn't get nominated at the 87th Annual Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Robbed Awards (aka the Oscars), but it's a great study of his acting skills and our "if it bleeds, it leads" culture. It's scary and funny and twisted and you have to see it.

You are not decoration. Great quote!

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist

This is the bird equivalent of the unattainable hair in those braiding pins. Pretty much only exists to make other birds feel self-conscious about their feathers. I mean, its feathers look like they're made of peony petals. Talk about feather dysmorphia inducing.

I think that if everyone on earth were in a book club, the world would be a more quiet, articulate, and happier place, and the percentage of people mixing up your and you're would drop dramatically.

Funny Book Meme Friday Part VI
  • Honey Laura
    Honey Laura

    I love books, but book clubs sound like a pain in the ass.

When I type "climate change" into the search bar of Pinterest, the first pins to come up for me deny that it's happening (or they're about switching throw pillows from summer to fall). This picture really illustrates well how important it is for pinners who live on the coast to go out and buy water wings, or, you know, drive more fuel efficient cars and live in a more eco-friendly way.

In Case You Missed It, Greenland Just Melted

A brave, selfless woman fills her life up with cooking, contouring, and dubious DIY from Pinterest for an entire week. A hero to us all.

Anyone else obsessed with marbled paper, or is it just me? It's pretty much the enemy of chevron.

Glad to see that incomprehensible hairstyle instructions have been around a solid 100 years before Pinterest. #edwardianconfusion

  • Amanda Reynolds
    Amanda Reynolds

    The unattainable beauty standard is timeless.

Is it possible to overdose on caffeine? Because this is how I'm going to overdose on caffeine. Me, and the astronauts from the future for whom this was undoubtedly designed. Who knew grass-fed gelatin was a thing?

bulletproof coffee gummies

These posters are kind of badass. Algorithms + books = pretty, pretty decor.

This is chevron's crazy, cool older sister.

Finally, a pin that accurately portrays how I feel about Disney.

Grumpy Cat Adventures!
  • Mary Kate Johnson
    Mary Kate Johnson

    Finally, someone else who doesn't understand the hype! When I was seven? Sure. Now? Not so much.

Did you know that birth control can manage a variety of health issues, from severe PMS to PCOS to levels of cancer risk? The five men that said Hobby Lobby can deny those benefits from its female employees clearly don't. Boycott the store, protest, and don't hesitate to speak out against the SCOTUS ruling. If there isn't sufficient uproar, more companies will cry religion to avoid providing coverage. The federal government has until October to appeal and they won't do it without public pressure.

  • Pinfuriating

    She's trying to say, Katie, that the Muslim company would go: Here's your salary. You can spend it on chicken, turkey, but NO PORK. NO PORK FOR YOU. That's what Hobby Lobby is doing: here's your health insurance. You can spend it on this birth control, that birth control, but an IUD that your doctor recommended? NO IUD FOR YOU.

  • srsface

    If you are paying for health insurance, your premiums are calculated based on the fact that you are a woman of child-bearing age. You are paying for the possibility that you will become pregnant and give birth. Providing contraceptives for the life of a woman is cheaper than covering the cost of child birth. Also, because insurance is a managed pool, you are paying for the Viagra that Hobby Lobby covers for its male employees.

  • srsface

    Basically this ruling means that Hobby Lobby can tell you that you now have to pay a second time, out of pocket, if you want an IUD (the most effective form of birth control next to abstinence). IUD's can cost around $1000 if you do not have insurance coverage.

  • Pinfuriating

    Very true, Teena - that's my reasoning too. You're paying twice. Also, letting companies opt out of laws simply by crying religion is a terrible precedent with all sorts of bad consequences.

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Finally, a bucket list item unrelated to tanning.

Now this is a beautiful, romantic quote. If we could switch out all the "my husband's wife is freaking awesome!" quotes for this one, that would be great.

An end to basic weddings? You can now 3D print your own customized wedding accessories. Pretty bad ass for bridezillas who know AutoCAD.

Origami Crane Cufflinks

If you haven't read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, get on it.