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The Moose knuckle.men should never ever wear skinny jeans. I cant get over seeing the outline of his penis! Don't you have a mirror?

oh!..... gross.....that leaves a horrible taste in my mouth...

Tired of the old dick? Try new and improved Young Dick. It beats off every other candy bar!

This picture is so full of awesome I am at a loss for words.

oh hell no! this guy is sooo hot, i cant believe ive never met him lol!

Piggy back / or pig on back ?

Small man: Just a week of rest & relaxation. Small man: And the odd romantic episode. Max: Very odd! -A Goofy Movie

??? Il n'a pas besoin de manteau pour aller skier lui!

Walmart called — Your Photos Are Ready

This guy is wearing ski boots.Polar bear on vacation? Check the rest. Hilariously horrible photography gone way way to far wrong.

Strange Family Photo More

Doug Henning was a Canadian magician, illusionist, escape artist and politician. More than 50 million viewers tuned in for the December 1975 broadcast of Doug Henning's World of Magic, hosted by Bill Cosby.

OMG too funny!!!!

Let It Rain ~ Rain down spout drain: DIY projects. could be made as an "over flow" drain for underground water tank storage