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    Harry Potter ϟ

    I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you.

    Harry Potter ϟ

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    Harry Potter Marauder's Map Themed Floating

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    Mrs. Weasley’s Mag­i­cally Easy Fudge

    Mrs. Weasley's Magically Easy Fudge

    Hagrid’s (Not Hor­ri­ble) Rock Cakes Recipe

    hagrid's (not horrible) rock cakes

    The Sorcerer's Scone

    a gryffindork bakes...

    pumpkin juice recipe

    Pumpkin Juice - Harry Potter

    Polyjuice Potion (alcoholic)

    Polyjuice Potion Recipe

    Nearly-Every Spell known in the Harry Potter Series.

    Harry Potter Board: All Known Spells

    Potter DIY: Hogwarts House Fish Tanks

    Potter DIY: Hogwarts House Fish Tanks
    • Laicie Conn
      Laicie Conn

      Going to have to do this in a different theme for my boys' room's

    • Amanda Avey-McClaran
      Amanda Avey-McClaran

      would be cooler if the tanks were actually big enough for the Betas to move around in

    Knitting Wizardry

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    • Mistress Jennie
      Mistress Jennie

      pinkleo So, why aren't there more crochet books like this? I've seen so many geek-tastic knitting books, but so few for crochet. I think you need to write one.

    Send a Letter, With This Harry Potter Owlery Hat Pattern

    The Owlery pattern by Ingrid Carré

    Hallows and Marauders Afghan Crochet Pattern for Harry Potter fans!!!

    Hallows and Marauders Afghan pattern by Michele Hicks

    Spirit of Wizards Sweater designed for Fans of Harry Potter by EyeOfTheFiber

    Spirit of Wizards Sweater pattern by Michele Hicks

    Harry Potter kitchen aid mixer decal. I know I say this a lot but I really need this. Emily Price I'm just saying I graduate in April! What a nice gift from my favorite sister!

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    Hogwarts House Rugby Beach Tote by FanFash on Etsy

    Hogwarts House Rugby Beach Tote

    Wands & Wand Boxes (diy)

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    Sorting Hat pendant by EerieStir

    Sorting Hat pendant by EerieStir on DeviantArt

    Quaffle Plushie Tutorial

    Quaffle Plushie Tutorial

    Butterbeer Popcorn

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    Harry Potter crafts

    Set of 4 Harry Potter letters Christmas Ornament

    Harry Potter Paper Snowflake Free Printable Templates

    On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #10 | Suzy Homeschooler

    Harry Potter - Giant Version

    Harry Potter - Giant Version

    Quidditch Pong-with instructions & printable rules

    Two Broke Women Doing Random Shit: Crafting: Quidditch Pong

    Quidditch Training Costumes

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    Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Identification Card (free printable pages available)

    Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Identification Card
    • Ella Parker
      Ella Parker

      Made this and It came out really well

    DIY: House Banners-free printable (all houses available)

    DIY: House Banners - Harry Potter Wish List